F.A.Q. / Frequently asked questions
Over the past years I have received many e-mails with questions concerning my Lufthansa-collection. In this section I would like to publish some of the answers that may be of interest.

(1) Why collect aircraft models?
To me vintage aircraft display models are like a window back into a time when air travel was something special. Many of these models were destroyed or thrown away after services with the actual aircraft ended and are now quite rare and highly desired as collectibles.

(2) What are your sources?
I purchased most of my models on ebay. Since I went online with my Lufthansa model-collection in 2008 I have frequently received offers directly via this homepage.

(3) Since when do you collect aircraft models?
It all began in 2002 when a colleague gave me an old tin-toy aeroplane as a gift. Shortly after this I bought my first vintage travel-agents model on ebay.

(4) Do all the models in the collection belong to you?
Yes, all the models and other items pictured on this homepage belong to me.

(5) Are you able to display all of the models in your home?
Unfortuntely not, because there is not enough room in my house. I have stored most of my models in boxes until one day I might be able to display them properly.

(6) Do you continue to buy Lufthansa-models for your collection?
Yes, I am always looking to purchase new additions for my collection - so please inform me of any Lufthansa model-airplane you would like to sell! More information here.

(7) Are models in your collection for sale?
Sorry, but no parts of my Lufthansa-collection are for sale.

(8) Do you purchase new Lufthansa display-models, e.g. made of mahagony-wood?
No, I concentrate on travel-agency models that were ordered and displayed by Lufthansa in the era between 1955 and 1985.