This is the way to contact me:


I'm looking forward to your response, especially if you
  • have further information about the models in my collection,
  • can correct information that may be imperfect,
  • would like to link to my site.

If you would like to sell me a model, it would be very kind to send me a description and - if possible - some photographs. Also, it would be interesting to know your anticipated price.
At the moment I'm especially looking for the following vintage display-models:
  • Lufthansa Super Constellation made by "Bermel" or "Modellbau Schaarschmidt" - any scale,
  • Lufthansa Convair 340 made by "Modellbau Schaarschmidt" in 1/100 and 1/50 scale,
  • Lufthansa Boeing 707 made by "Mecater" in 1/100 scale,
  • Lufthansa Boeing 737 in the 1970s livery made by "Westway Models" in 1/100 scale,
  • Lufthansa travel-agency models made by "Skyland Models" in England,
  • Lufthansa "cut away" travel-agency models with a view into the inside of the aircraft.
In the tin-models section I'm very interested in these models:
  • Lufthansa Lockheed Super Constellation with friction-drive made by "Tipp&Co" in Germany,
  • Lufthansa Lockheed Electra with tin-wings made by "Yonezawa" in Japan,
  • Lufthansa Concorde made by "Gama",
  • Lufthansa Concorde made by "Daiya".

Every e-mail will be answered!