Homepage about Verkuyl "Promotional contractor aircraft scale models": The story of Maarten M. Verkuyl's workshop in the Netherlands. This site also supplies information about the "Raise-Up"-company.
Aviation Models Sales "Aviation Models Online": Airliner models of all eras.
Art Aviation "Art Aviation" - many galeries full of travel-agency models.
Aeroscale "Aeroscale": A German site with a nice gallery of travel-agency models in all scales.
Fred Cox DC-8 collection "The Fred Cox collection": THE place to go if you want to see models of the Douglas DC-8 jetliner.
Ferry's Fokkers and Fairchilds "Ferry's Fokkers and Fairchilds": A KLM-captain shows his fine model collection. If you would like to see something very impressive - this is it!
Collectors Weekly "The Collectors Weekly": Links to many aviation related collections. My Lufthansa model-collection was added to the Hall of Fame. Thank you!
Miniatureaircraftcollectors.com "Miniatureaircraftcollectors.com" - a forum for collectors of miniature airplanes of all types.
VFW 614 homepage "VFW 614": A German site concentrating on models of this German jet.